As with any technical system, it is important that your system receives proper maintenance to assure its continued reliability and to avoid unnecessary repair costs and untimely failures. G & R Controls can provide service for any HVAC system. 

We offer 24/7 on-call emergency support to ensure customers have help when a crisis happens. Our team of factory-trained service personnel have over 100 years of HVAC experience.

This, along with our extensive inventory of replacement parts enables us to provide our customers with the prompt and professional service they deserve.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

G & R Controls offers planned maintenance programs specifically designed to meet our customers' heating and cooling service needs. A Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) outlines the recommended services that would be performed in partnership with owner staff to make sure all bases are covered in terms of the HVAC system. Technical support is also included in PMA's to ensure you have all the tools in order to optimize the operation of your systems. 

Temperature Control Service

While our Siemens direct digital controls systems are very reliable, they will continue to perform at their best if they receive the proper preventive maintenance and software upgrades. Components of the DDC system are mechanical and electrical in nature and therefore have the potential for failure. Regular functional tests ensure those mechanical and electrical components are sound in their operation and calibrated accurately. This assures the data that is being used in algorithms  and programming is trustworthy, resulting not only in comfortable, but energy efficient buildings. Siemens releases periodic software updates to address security concerns and general performance issues. PMA's can include these updates so your're sure to be using the latest and most secure software available. 

Mechanical Equipment Service

Our certified staff can service the mechanical system throughout a facility. We want to ensure the entire system is operating efficiently to provide the appropriate heating, cooling and ventilation for your building. Equipment operating at peak performance will last longer than equipment that is not maintained. Equipment working harder, due to lack of maintenance, may need replacement prior to its average rated life expectancy.

Hydronic Equipment Service

With hundreds of components making up the hydronic system in a facility it can be overwhelming for owners and maintenance staff to ensure proper operation. Allow our professional staff to service your hydronic and boiler system. G & R Controls has a thorough understanding of complete hydronic systems as well as the individual components that make up the entire system. Trust our expertise to keep your system operating properly. 

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