As the demand for high efficiency and high performance indoor comfort systems increases, tolerances in the design of commercial and institutional buildings have narrowed significantly. Our companies represent over a century of combined experience in commercial HVAC systems and operations. Our staff consists of dozens of engineers and technicians with certifications in Commissioning, National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Certified Energy Managers (CEM) and Professional and Mechanical Engineers. Building owners can count on our experts to develop a sensible, comprehensive, operational plan to significantly conserve energy, improve performance, lower emissions and reduce overall operating costs. Nowhere else, will you find a company that can provide this unique level of expertise and comprehensive service for your entire facility.

What is Retro-Commissioning?

Retro-Commissioning is a process that evaluates how well building equipment and systems function together. Today’s buildings are interactive and complex. A small mechanical problem can create a trickle-down effect that can hinder performance and waste energy. Retro-Commissioning looks at the systems as a whole to improve building operations and maintenance procedures in order to enhance overall building performance. Our dynamic group has the capabilities to bring a team of HVAC experts together to test and evaluate your building’s current conditions. With insight from building owners regarding the operation of their building we can help create affordable solutions that optimize performance.

Why is Retro-Commissioning important?

An energy efficient HVAC system can reduce the overall costs of energy and extends the life of your equipment. By testing and evaluating the HVAC systems in your building we can reveal unknown problems that prevent systems from operating efficiently. After a Retro-Commissioning project building owners, managers and staff notice fewer occupant complaints, more comfortable environments and are left with a better understanding of their building, which now performs as intended.

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