G & R Controls specializes in master facility planning which is a process of having Certified Energy Managers (CEM) evaluate a facility's HVAC equipment, lighting and building envelope components. They look for energy savings through better utilization of existing systems, researching opportunities for upgrades, and integration of building automation systems.

Often times master facility planning sheds light on processes and procedures, or lack of, to help implement a strategic plan for capital, energy efficiency and operational investments. The goal is to achieve long term operational stability while addressing energy efficiency and indoor air quality and comfort. 

One component of the operational investment is a preventive maintenance service program and a long-term relationship with an expert in energy services to reduce future maintenance and energy costs. Proper maintenance allows equipment the opportunity to reach its average rated life expectancy

Capital investments in your facility will improve heating, cooling, ventilation, humidity and lighting which will result in higher occupant concentration levels and reduce the risk of developing sick building syndrome.

How do I get started with a master facility plan?

Generally, a facility ownership group will enter into an agreement with G & R Controls to perform a master building assessment. We will identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities within your systems, then provide a list of solutions based on the particular needs of your facility. These recommendations can range from new HVAC equipment, lighting retrofits, building envelope improvements and updated building automation systems.

What happens after I receive my recommendations?

G & R Controls will work along-side owners to prioritize improvements which best fit their needs, based on budgets and potential energy savings.

What if I need financing for the project?

G & R Controls has access to several financing options that offer competitive interest rates. They will research any applicable federal, state and/or municipal financing programs available for your project.

How are recommendations implemented?

From single phase to multi-phase projects, G & R Controls will provide a turn-key project suited for your facility. They will work with the scope and scale of the project to complete the recommendations in a timely and economical timeframe.