Client: Flandreau Public School District

Scope of Work

The constant volume 2-pipe hot water boiler and air cooled chiller system was replaced with a 4-pipe hybrid geothermal heating and cooling system to serve the High School. The Elementary was tied into the new geothermal heating and cooling system as well. The first phase took place over the summer of 2014 and consisted of installing the new geothermal well field (121 wells), heat pump chiller, high efficiency hot water boilers, high efficiency chilled water and hot water pumps with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Siemens Direct Digital Controls (DDC) to tie into the existing Siemens BAS.  The kitchen was completely remodeled to include new heating, cooling and ventilation as well as new stainless steel upper and lower cabinets and new washable drop in vinyl ceilings. 

Also included in the first phase was a complete remodel of two sets of boys/girls bathrooms to include new floor and wall tile, vanities, urinals, stools and ADA compliant partitions.  To support the new infrastructure, a new larger electrical service was installed along with new upgraded network cabling.  The science/lab rooms were remodeled and updated with up-to-date science lab stations complete with exhaust snorkel hoods. 

The second phase took place over the summer of 2015 and included renovating all of the High School classrooms to tie into the new 4-pipe geothermal heating and cooling system to complete the change from the old 2-pipe system.  Fourteen Roof Top Units (RTU) were installed along with new Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes to serve the classrooms and offices.  (4) Air Handling Units (AHU) were installed along with four Fan Coil Units (FCU) to serve the remaining gym, locker rooms, classrooms, faculty space, and restrooms. Another unique aspect of this project that was incorporated was giving the school the ability to choose between the use of electricity or natural gas to fuel their system based on future utility service rates.  This was a concern brought up by stakeholder groups during initial master facility planning meetings.

Products Used:

  • Siemens Building Automation System (1)
  • Hybrid Geothermal heating/cooling system (4-pipe system) (1)
  • Roof Top Units w/ VAV Boxes (14)
  • Air Handling Units (4)
  • Fan Coil Units (1)
  • Heat Pump Chiller (1)
  • Hot Water Boilers (1)