Green Building Reaps Rewards

Earned ENERGY STAR rating for over 5 consecutive years.

G & R Controls and its sister company, Balancing Professionals have been putting their knowledge and experience in energy efficiency to the test at their Fargo location. A test which received passing scores as they earned an ENERGY STAR label. The ENERGY STAR label is awarded to projects that meet energy efficiency requirements set by ENERGY STAR and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Established by the EPA in 1992 the ENERGY STAR program promotes the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions and protects the environment through improved energy efficiency. 

Ambitions for the ENERGY STAR label by obtaining certification specifications before the initial design and construction of the facility took place in 2009. By fall, 2010, they received a Design to Earn the ENERGY STAR award and began tracking energy consumption for one year to receive the full ENERGY STAR label. The tracking of energy consumption was the proof needed to obtain the ENERGY STAR label as the facility ranked in the top eight percentile for energy efficiencies of similar buildings while keeping comfortable temperatures, relative humidity and excellent indoor air quality in all areas of the building. G & R Controls celebrates with receiving the highest ENERGY STAR rating in North Dakota (92); it is the only building in the state to receive the Design Earn to the ENERGY STAR award and is the second Morton Building to ever receive the full ENERGY STAR label nationwide. 

Unique operating characteristics played a vital role in maximizing energy efficiency while maintaining the quality of comfort for the building occupants. The facility uses a Siemens APOGEE system to automate the lighting, HVAC equipment, and Siemens SiPass for door access and CCTV systems. Automatic shut down of individual heating/cooling units occur when windows open in a specified zone, conserving utility dollars to move and condition air that would normally go “right out the window.” Alarms are generated and distributed by an escalating scheme of e-mails and text messages when a space determined by schedule or occupancy sensor is unoccupied and/or if windows open when freezing conditions exist. The APOGEE system schedules shut down to specified outlets when devices are left off or unplugged to avoid “phantom power consumption.” Smart automated lighting maintains the amount of specified light in a space by brightening or dimming lights based on current conditions. When enough ambient light is collected lights are modulated down to conserve energy. Matt Perkins, Fargo managing partner, quotes: “These are just a few of the many strategies used by the company to optimize energy conservation; lower operating costs, improve indoor air quality and reduce our carbon footprint.” 

G & R Controls and Balancing Professionals have operations in Fargo, Bismarck, Sioux Falls and Rapid City and specialize in HVAC equipment, building automation, temperature controls, and air/hydronics testing and balancing. The organization strives to carry out green operations in all of its facilities, from the recycling of papers, toners, and media materials, to energy-efficient lighting and temperature controls, all the way to utilizing recycled or reused products whenever possible.


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